"I was born in North Carolina, but I spent most of my life in Virginia Beach, VA where "jank" is a real word. Edwards, California is where I now reside with my two young sons and wife. For the last thirteen years, I traveled the world to places like Italy, but now that I'm settled back in the United States, I'm working on my lifelong dream. Currently, you'll find me working the stand-up circuit in L.A. and Las Vegas. I am also working on several up-coming films of which I cannot disclose at this time, but I promise they are legit...and not porn. In a nutshell, I'm just a simple man whose passion to live, laugh, and love. If you're not laughing, you're not breathing."

New to California, Sam is making waves in the area as an up and coming comic in a big way: an East coast flavor on the West coast scene. With several sketch comedy projects in the works, as well as a short film and a role in a major motion picture, he won't be a face you'll soon forget. Definitely one to watch Sam Ridley is a rising star in the stand-up world. From a young age, Sam was always told he should pursuit a career in comedy. As a natural "off the cuff" funny guy, he's entertained friends and family all his life. He believes laughter is the key to the soul and to opening communication on all subjects be it politics, racism, or family. Sam is determined to perfect his craft and move on to all avenues of the business. You will definitely be seeing big things from this up and coming star!

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